Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. Did you notice, that we have love in the name of the country? Lovely, right.

By Car

We have a Parking garage in the city center and also hotels have someplace for your car. Be aware that you need an e-vignette to travel on the highway. You can buy a 7-days vignette.
The parking lot is also across from a dance studio.

By Plane

Our Airport is called Airport Jožeta Pučnika. From Ljubljana City Center is about 20-25 minutes by car. If you like to save our planet, you can share a car with Avant2go application

GoOpti is the next option and is shared with different people who are going in the same direction.

By Train

Well, we have a train station just a few meters away from our main venue for workshops.

Electric Bike

There are 17 stops with 127 bicycle connections at various locations around the city.

Rental rules

Users download the application (Google Play, App Store) to their smartphone and register.  To activate the user account, you must enter a valid means of payment into the system. You will then be charged 5€, which is then transferred to your account as a credit and can be redeemed for the purchase of a subscription or rental.

You can rent a bike without a subscription and pay € 1.30 for every 30 minutes of the ride, or choose a 3-day, weekly, monthly, or annual membership fee, where the first 30 minutes of the ride are included in the subscription price, and every next 30 minutes available at an additional cost of 1,3€.  By registering you create a user account with which you can rent three bikes at once and can use one bike at a time for an individual subscription.