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We recommend registering as a couple! Solo dancer will go on a waiting list.
The price is per person and includes tax
Registering as a
Followers will be accepted only in a couple as we have followers on a waiting list.
Email must be the same as registration from your dance partner. This will help us to match you together.
I'm part of the group
The leader of a group must first send a list of dancers (5 followers, 5 leaders). After confirmation, you can do a registration.
You can register after receiving a unique group code.
Competitions 16 €
Not included in any pass. Attending competitions is an additional cost in amount of 16 EUR per competition (including costs for administration, judges, and tax). Not included in Workshop fee.
I have a
My accommodation will be at the
Payment is directly in the hotel. Use code Hanibal2024 for the discount. Link is on page Main Venue
Would you be interested in joining the city tour on Friday?
Payment is directly in the hotel. Use code Hanibal2024 for the discount. Link is on page Main Venue
HaniBal Merch pre-sale
Pre- order is 18 EUR/pcs (tax included)
All details for payment you’ll receive with confirmation for registration.
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By registering for the HaniBal Balboa festival, you accept our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Covid-19 Policy.
Thank you supporting Balboa Festival HaniBal.

Dear HaniBal Balboa Fans.
We are thrilled and grateful that you want to be a part of our second edition of the HaniBal festival.
Signing up in a couple:
– both partners must be on the same pass type (e.g. full pass or both party pass) and the same level.
– partners must be of opposite roles (leader + follower).
– each partner needs to submit their registration form separately.
– both participants must enter the same email as their partner used for their registration for us to match the partners correctly.

Signing up soloWAITING LIST!
– please leave the partner’s email field empty
– keep in mind that you might be on the waiting list.
– we will match you with the first dancer on a waiting list from the opposite role but WE RECOMMEND YOU TO FIND A LEADER BEFORE.

Group signing:
– before registering send us an email.
– you will receive a uniques code for registration, and after that, each partner from the group can register separately.
– each group needs a leader of the group, so we can be in contact only with one person for communication. For us, it’s easier.

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See you soon
HaniBal Team

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